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The New House Projects

"Music isn't just made up of one genre..."
Hey there readers!  Welcome to the very first post of the SamMountz Music's artist of the week pick.  Every Friday at 7 PM, I'm bringing you guys new information on bands you may or may not know, and this week we have a real treat.  I recently had a chance to talk to a kid by the name of Tyler Newhouse who is a part of The New House Projects.  This group is filled with excitement.  Bringing different genres together, and working with different artists, you'll be sure to find variety within anything they do.  


What we have here is an interview folks...

Q: How did you get started in music?
A:  I first got started in music at age thirteen when I started playing bass guitar. However, I only really became interested in the performance and recording aspects a year later when I joined the band Thunderhawk Jackson. Being a part of that band was certainly opened my eyes to the whole music industry but when the group split about two years later I had lost all interest in performing or recording music for whatever reason. This sort of hiatus lasted until about five months ago when I began to record "One Day" and from there I began enthralled with the whole industry once again.

Q:  What's your favorite aspect of music?
A:  I would have to say my favorite aspect of music is the mysterious randomness of it all. It's so much fun because I never know for sure what is going to happen going into a recording session or show, but it's this randomness I enjoy the most; I don't think it would be near as enjoyable without it.

Q:  What artists do you look up to in the music industry?
A:  By far the artist that is most influential for me is Matisyahu. However, I would include Xavier Rudd, John Butler and Kid Cudi towards the list of most influential artists for me because I enjoy the creativeness of their music.

Q:  What is your favorite genre?  Band?  Song?
A:  Well actually I don't have a single favorite genre, as seen with the New House Projects. I really enjoy all types of music but right now I'm really getting into rap/ hip-hop music and am listening to artists like the Notorious B.I.G and Kid Cudi. I would say my favorite artist is by far Matisyahu. I love his unique take on music and the sort of rock/ reggae sound he brings to the table.

Q:  How would you describe The New House Projects?
A:  I would describe the New House Projects as a chameleon because it isn't just one thing. The New House Projects are a series of projects from multiple music genres (i.e jazz fusion, electroacoustic, and rap/ hip-hop) and it really changes based on what I feel like doing at that very moment.

Q:  What was your favorite project so far?
A:  By far my favorite project so far was recording "One Day". The song was very challenging because it was already in a very difficult key but also because it was very difficult to coordinate schedules and get everyone (there were four people singing throughout the track) to get in to record. However, it was definitely the most rewarding because the song has a wonderful meaning and it felt great to put my own spin on the song.

Q:  Who is your favorite artist to work with so far in your career?
A:  My favorite artist to work with so far is Ian Taraschi because, in addition to being a great musician, he has been very reliable throughout all of the recording sessions providing invaluable insight and making things easier for everyone.

Q:  If you could open for any artist in the music industry, who would it be?
A:  If I could open for any artist it would have to the Avett Brothers because their shows are so crazy and enjoyable to watch.

Q:  What kind of message are you trying to relate to your listeners?
A:  I guess I am really trying to say, in a very indirect way, that music isn't just made up of one genre. All genres are interdependent upon each other to make up "music" and without one it is incomplete. You must look upon all genres to see the whole picture is what I am trying to say I guess.

Q:  What are your future plans for The New House Projects?
A:  Hmm.. Well actually I really don't have any immediate plans. Somewhere in the relatively near future the New House Projects will be playing some shows at to-be-determined locations, and we are planning to record a new NFS song whenever everyone is available. A lot of the stuff we do is spur of the moment so you really have to check out the New House Projects' Facebook or Reverbnation/Twitter pages to see what we are doing.

There Ya Have It!
There's a lot to find out about The Newhouse Projects, but one thing is certain, the group has a passion for what it does.  I recommend doing whatever you can to support this group such as adding them on any social network available, or even just following Newhouse Projects on Twitter (what a great site Twitter...gotta love the tweetin...).  

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New House Projects 

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