Friday, November 12, 2010

Song of the Week!

Waitng for the End...

Hey everyone.  Thanks for visiting the official SamMountz Music blog.  This week is gonna be a little different.  Instead of my regular "Artist of the Week," I decided to mix things up a bit and highlight a great song I heard on the Internet.  

The song is called "Waiting for the End," by Linking Park.  Now I know exactly what you're thinking.  "Linkin Park?  Cmon Sam... you can do better than that."  But to be honest...this is one of the most original songs I've heard in a long time.  The song starts out with what we would all expect from Linkin Park.  A solo guitar riff with a sick effect on it.  But then comes in an amazing beat.  This beat is my favorite and I like to call it the "Street Beat."  The band by the name of Crash Kings uses this beat a lot and it sounds amazing.  On top of this beat, Linkin Park also adds power chords with the guitar and a repeating piano rhythm.  I was really impressed at this point, but I thought that this was all I was gonna like.  Then the band comes in with vocals.  These vocals were not only good, but they sang the best part of the song.  This intro including the vocals had a good feel to it, and it sounded full.  Kind of like a big crowd was singing along.  At the end of this intro, everything cuts out and the lead singer comes in with some major U2/Bono styles.  He owned it too.  While the verse is being played, slowly the "Street Beat" is layered on top of everything to create a great song.  You really have to listen to the song to know what I'm talking about.  So take a listen!  Check it out!  

Once again, the song is called "Waiting for the End," by Linkin Park. 

Thanks for reading!  
Here are some links to help you find the song... 

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